Fundación Reserva Biológica Dúrika

Protecting for the future generations

Tourism: Facilities

Image descriptionLODGING:

The nine rooms available to visitor are located a few paces away from the center of the community, to offer more privacy and peace to the visitor.

Each cabin has a spectacular view of the valley, forests and the Talamanca Mountain Range. The cabins are rustic but cozy and comfortable; each has complete shower and bathroom facilities.

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Three fresh and nutritive meals are served daily in the restaurant. The meals are vegetarian, cooked in ‘Tico’ style.

Experienced personnel that carefully prepare a great variety of dishes combining milk, vegetables, cereals, fish and spices the majority of which is produced in the farm itself, will attend you.

As is the tradition in Costa Rica, the main meal is served at midday.


We offer our laundry service, your clothes will be returned to you approximately 12 hours after receipt.