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Natural Health: Neural Therapy

It was discovered in 1925 by German doctors Ferdinand and Walter Huneke. They give a different concept to the disease that says "Every disease, trauma or injury for which we have past (years ago or recently) no matter the site, may eventually rise to the level of interference field whose impulses can produce functional alterations in the basic vegetative system, not only at the site of disease or injury, but also at a distance from the site. "

The method of healing is the therapeutic stimulation of the autonomic nervous system also called autonomous (in charge of all the involuntary functions like heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate, pulse, in addition to the regulatory circuits humoral, hormonal, neural, cellular).

This impulse, which is reversible and of short duration, aims at normalizing the autonomic nervous system function by taking part in all the reactions of the organism. And for his part in the mental, emotional, social and cultural rights, the nervous system is a key element in the integration of the whole being.

With these stimuli is that the body reacts and finds the new order that is looking for and make the body's healing system to emerge.

Neural therapy gives very good results in acute and chronic conditions, treating in a segmental or applying mild stimulation, adequate, controlled and precise in the affected area where the disease is being developed and in interfering fields, when the disease develops signs and symptoms in a remote area from where the disease occurs, which can be teeth, scars, old infections, inflammation of mucous membranes, gastroenteritis, stomatitis, etc.

It is a therapy that has minimal risks and can be used by any person, including children. It is compatible with any type of treatment or medication that the patient is taking.