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Natural Health: Manual Therapies

Massage is defined as the set of manual or mechanical systemic movements carried out on the soft tissues of the human body, using techniques that are aimed at reviving the bloodstream, lymphatic, muscle relaxation, pain relief, recovery of balance metabolic and other physical and mental benefits. While the term massage is fairly recent, the practice of various techniques dates back to ancient times. Massage has been part of medicine for about five thousand years, in fact it was among the arts of medicine, the first and most important, while it was practiced, developed and taught primarily by physicians of all time. Since ancient times in countries like China, Japan, India, the Arab Empire, Greece and Rome, massage, diet and exercise were known for their great therapeutic value in treating disease and health maintenance.

In the late 80s, efforts to restore the massage and body work on their place in the field of health and welfare have encouraged members of different disciplines to come together and contribute their experiences, creating in 1991 the Federation of Bodywork.

In the CNI Durika we have created a massage room where we practice the following disciplines:

1. RELAXING MASSAGE. Stress is a condition that affects both mind and body. Initially made possible certain physical reactions in humans and animals, it is useful for survival. Certain amount of stress is normal and desirable, but there is a difference between positive stress and negative stress, which is when it becomes chronic, rather than an occasional reaction, this can cause serious health problems. The relaxing massage helps both the physical and the mental. A good massage with essential oils has amazing physiological and psychological effects because it acts directly on the nerve endings of the body, providing a pleasant sense of calm and stimulating the energy flow of the individual. The oil massage helps eliminate toxins and allows the regeneration of healthy tissue to decrease the aging process.

2. LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE. His promoter was Dr. Vodder. This method of manual lymphatic drainage massage is based on using light strokes, rhythmic twist to accelerate the movement of lymph fluids in the body, helping to rid the body of toxins and waste materials. Massage promotes lymphatic drainage and internal chemical balance in the body, invigorates and regenerates tissues, helps to normalize organ function and enhances immune system function.

3. REFLEXOLOGY. It is the art and science of stimulating the body's own healing forces by locating and stimulating certain points on the body that affect organs or functions in areas distant from this point. Reflexology is based on the principle that reflex points on the hands, feet or face are related to each of the organs of the body. If pressure is applied to a reflex point, the therapist may cause certain changes beneficial because several areas of the hands, feet and face are associated with glands, organs and specific muscles. If these links are activated through reflex massage it relieves stress by improving the irrigation of certain organs of the body, and in turn normalizes bodily functions.

4. OSTEOPATHIC MASSAGE. The word osteopathy comes from the Greek osteon (bone) and pathos (disease). Physical therapy is very subtle. It can be defined as the art or technique to diagnose and treat dysfunctions and disorders of the human body through manipulation of the musculoskeletal structure of the patient, skeletal muscle, ligaments and connective tissue, where it is observed if the structure of joints and muscles are properly aligned and working well, or conversely, an accident, poor posture or physical or psychological stress have changed. This alteration causes musculoskeletal local or regional dysfunction of nerve functions, thus altering lifestyle. The foundations of modern bone disease were established by Dr. Andrew Taylor Still in 1854, who devised osteopathy as a therapy to stimulate the healing capacity of the human body. In our CNI we practice this massage according to patient needs.