Fundación Reserva Biológica Dúrika

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Salud natural Water is used for healing since the highest antiquity. Hydrotherapy is a fundamental treatment in naturopathy and fundamental facts that are explained below.

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Salud natural As its name implies aromatherapy is a practice that uses the scents for therapeutic purposes, using essential oils extracted from plants to improve the overall health of the individual.

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Salud natural The herbal medicine or therapy based on herbs and medicinal plants is a very old form of treatment, and was born with the history of man. Virtually all cultures and civilizations of mankind have a tradition of herbal medicine which depends on the local flora and vegetation, and is based on many native species.

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Floral Essences

Salud NaturalThis therapy system is included in the so-called vibrational bioenergetics medicine. Flower essence therapy has been recognized since 1976 by WHO.

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Salud natural Yoga can be successfully used as therapy for people suffering from back pain, arthritis or rheumatism, as a means of promoting relaxation, normalizing blood pressure, helping to relieve anxiety and managing stress.

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The goal of acupuncture is to establish the normal balance of body and thus facilitate the body's ability for self-healing. It is an ancient technique.

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