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What is natural health?

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According to the World Health Organization WHO, prevention and treatment of diseases using alternative or complementary therapies are booming. In the West more and more people see in these techniques - many of them ancient - like acupuncture, herbal medicine, reflexology, hydrotherapy, etc, a cure for their diseases.

With regard to treatment for patients, this type of therapy has a holistic approach. The term comes from the Greek: Holos which means All. The fundamental idea is that the person is a whole and therefore all aspects of the individual should be taken into account at the moment of treatment: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects. What all of these therapies have in common is that they intend to not only cure but to also prevent disease before it appears.

Durika Naturopathy Center (CNI) was founded on this premise: to prevent disease before it appears. To do this we put emphasis on healthy eating, regular exercise, avoidance of alcohol and smoking, the management of stress and certain states of emotion; and if the disease has already appeared, helping patients with different therapies, stimulating all of the self-healing processes of the body.

Salud naturalThe CNI is located within the very humid pre-mountain forest, at 1600 meters above sea level and forms an integral part of the Foundation Durika Biological Reserve. It is a place that inspires relaxation and meditation, due to a landscape overflowing with beauty, where nature and man continue their cycles in full harmony together. From our waiting room you can enjoy the gentle breezes and extraordinary multicolored flora, enhanced by the singing of the birds and the spectacular scenery of the mountains and forests with its different seasons.

We have two defined seasons: the dry season and rainy season. In the rainy season we receive the life-giving rain that regenerate the forests and maintain full the flow of our rivers that are the source of life. At this time of year we are always accompanied by clouds that surround us and make us feel "in the clouds" with their various formations they invite us to reflect and meditate. Here time passes with the wisdom belonging to the Tropical Forest; here the mind becomes quiet, the soul grows and the body is revitalized.

We provide the following services: neurofocal dentistry, neural therapy, Bach flower essences, acupuncture, aromatherapy, yoga, herbal medicine, hydrotherapy, massage, chiropractic, reflexology and we have a conference room.

Manual therapies

Terapias manuales Massage is the combined use of manual or mechanical systemic movements that are practiced on the soft tissues of the human body, using techniques that revive the bloodstream, the lymphatic system, relax the muscles, give pain relief, recover metabolic balance and offer many other physical and mental benefits.

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Clay Therapies

Salud natural There is evidence that clay can be very beneficial when used as treatment of illness due to its ability to curb the proliferation of parasites, harmful microbes and damaging bacteria.

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Other therapies

Salud natural Throughout history, humans have been searching for diverse methods to improve their health. Starting with natural methods, the most diverse therapies have been developed that have been scientifically proven to be effective, for example the use of cold and heat, the application of water and the medicinal properties of plants and many others besides these.

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Bio Ecological Dental Clinic

Clinica dentalIt has been created to offer visitors oral rehabilitation, considering the stomatological system (mouth) as a whole unit. Our clinic uses advanced technology, our dental unit is fully electronic, and our bilingual staff is fully trained to assist you with personalized attention, because to us you are not just patients, but human beings that need to be heard, understood, respected and valued, and are not just teeth or mouths.

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Neural therapy

It was discovered in 1925 by German doctors Ferdinand and Walter Huneke. They have given a different concept of disease:“Every disease, trauma or injury which we have gone through (years ago or recently) no matter the area, could eventually acquire a level of an interference field whose impulses can produce functional alterations in the basic vegetative system, not only at the location of the disease or injury, but also further from the location."

The method of healing consists of the therapeutic stimulation of the autonomic nervous system also called autonomous (in charge of all the involuntary functions like heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate, pulse, in addition to the regulatory circuits humoral, hormonal, neural, cellular).

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