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Natural Health: Hydrotherapy


Water is used for healing since the highest antiquity. During the Middle Ages, the use of water for medicinal purposes, mainly decays because its advocates and practitioners fall into risk of being accused of practicing witchcraft. The peak water use in therapy comes in the eighteenth century and especially in the nineteenth century, when Sebastian Kneipp decides to treat patients with hydrotherapy media. Hydrotherapy is a fundamental treatment in naturopathy based on fundamental facts: that all life as we know it, emerged from the sea and that our body is water between 66 to 70%.

Image description HYDROTHERAPY

It is the application of water in any of its three forms, solid, liquid or vapor on the body for therapeutic purposes. When used properly, along with body massage, it provides additional support to the health of the body. Water has the ability to absorb and conduct heat. In its solid form (ice) it can be used as an effective cooling agent; in gaseous form it can be used in therapy facial or steam bath, and in liquid for dipping or local stimulation of certain muscles.

The changes in the body as a result of hydrotherapy are classified as thermal, mechanical and chemical. The thermal effects are produced by the application of water at temperatures above or below body temperature - which is 37 ° C or 98.6 ° F -. These changes in water temperature on the body surface induced changes in the caliber of cutaneous blood vessels and therefore produce a greater supply of blood to the muscles and internal organs, impacting positively on their performance.

Mechanical effects: water jets compress and decompress the areas they address, massaging them with varying strength depending on therapeutic needs.

Chemical effects: using water as a solvent for minerals, oil, and medicinal plants.

Hydrostatic effects (movements in the water): these movements are easier, since the body weighs less (known thrust described by Archimedes), which provides rehabilitative therapy in processes that have weakened muscles. Also, it encourages the return of venous blood to the heart from the submerged parts.


For this type of natural hydrotherapy, in Durika Biological Reserve we have a cascade of three jumps, each with different altitude that varies by the force of impact of water on the body.

This waterfall surrounded by lush nature, where the pressure and purity of water is soothing, toning and rehabilitative, both physically and mentally. To get there, a path of approximately 900 meters long, along a forest where you can observe birds and wildlife and flora of this area. The land on which is located the trail is a steep slope and can be traveled at the speed of your choice.

Image description HANNEMAN's SAUNA

Dr. Hahnemann described theoretically a sauna that was called “ two steps”, which combines the effect of heat and cold, but as steam heat and cold as a direct flow of cold water.

Heat generating mechanism in a cold, wet floor, there is a constant exchange between hot and cold molecules with therapeutic effects on the body, especially in the autonomic nervous system (skin, tissues and organs) helping to eliminate toxins, decreasing the arthritic pain syndrome, various inflammations, skin conditions - among others; conducted by an expert therapist and a hydration process that includes cleaning with mineral water and medicinal plants in periods ranging from 25 to 50 minutes .

The results are favorable and apply in the case of metal poisoning, joint pain, psoriasis, skin blemishes, and weight loss, eliminate toxins, baldness and other skin conditions. It can be combined with clay baths total or partial, with poultices of clay and herbs, or simply to contrast baths.

The controlled heat and cold through hot and cold molecules in condensation, producing a soothing effect on the skin, a state of relaxation and tranquility, stimulating the autonomic nervous system and release substances that promote balance and wellbeing. In this way it promotes a better blood flow and stimulates the functioning of all organs of the body especially the heart, brain, liver, pancreas, kidney and other systems.

The model is simple: due to regulations established by the Costa Rican Ministry of Health we need to work on ceramic surfaces in a 3x3 area with plenty of light on top and heat generation, top-down driven by the sun, and bottom-up by special heaters. The technique is simple, we wet the floor completely with cold water and from there began the therapy, from the heating of cold molecules by heat induction.