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Natural Health: Flower Essences

At the beginning of the last century Dr. Edward Bach (1886 - 1936) a Welsh-born doctor developed an original and effective method of healing. Using a special kind of sensibility he perceived healing properties of flowers, which he then investigated to confirm the effects. Once classified the flowers, he chose the most perfect blossoms, dipped in the nearby spring water and exposed to the sun for several hours. He used this preparation further diluted and then keeping them in brandy. Then this solution was given in drops.

This therapy system is included in the so-called vibrational bioenergetics medicine. Flower essence therapy has been recognized since 1976 by WHO. The flower essence, once incorporated into the body, with its characteristic vibrational contact with the patient's energy body, travels through the meridians of acupuncture and is targeted to the Chakras and energy bodies which will produce its effect initially manifested in emotional state and as far as possible in the physical part

Salud Natural In practice, each flower has a characteristic quality, such as courage in the case of mímulo (the flower), to be given to a patient with fear; it builts up the courage and displaces fear. Bach puts it clearly: the prevention and cure of the disease can figure out what is wrong with us, and eradicating the defect with the proper development of the virtue to destroy it, not fighting evil, but giving the amount of virtue that will sweep away our natures. Therefore, incorporating the flower into the being produces harmony and develops the virtue for the possibility of withdrawing the attitude of balance. The Bach Flower system consists of 38 remedies; 34 are wild flowers, 3 are cultivated flowers and one is not a flower left but water from a spring in the area that has healing qualities. They are classified into 7 groups as follows: for those who feel fear, for loneliness, discouragement or despair, for those concerned for the welfare of others, for those who feel no interest in present circumstances, for those who suffer of uncertainty and for those who suffer from hypersensitivity to influence and ideas.

After the world began to learn the benefits of the Bach flower essences, researchers became interested to complement their work, preparing new flower essences for other needs of modern man. So in the 70's came the first group of new flower essences that today number over 50. It is important to highlight the German Andreas Korte, floral system of Bush, California flowers, and the flowers of the Pacific. You can use these new scents combined with those of Bach, as the Colombian medical expert Santiago Rojas Posada says that by combining their power we expand their energetic force.

In the CNI Durika we cultivate and prepare the essences, especially orchids. These are the queens of flowers, as they are the most evolved and developed in their group. Here in Durika Foundation we are carrying out the study with the orchids that grow organically in a nursery within the mountain, reproducing the natural environment of the plant.