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Natural Health: Bioecological Dental Clinic

It has been created to provide visitors with an oral rehabilitation taking into account the stomatological system (mouth) as a unit body. To this end we are dedicated to working with patients, to advance in the treatment so as to save time while enjoying the tropical forest.

Image description In our clinic we work with advanced technology, our dental unit is fully electronic, and our bilingual staff is highly trained to assist you with personalized attention, because for us you are not just patients, but human beings who should be heard, understood, respected and valued, and not just teeth and mouths. For this we have specialized in dentistry neurofocal. This specialty was introduced by Ernest Adler dental surgeon, who realized that many of the chronic and degenerative diseases or allopathic treatments rebels are due to the influence of active interference fields in the mouth, which should be sought and eliminated.

These fields of interference may be caused by abnormal state teeth, which can cause diseases from a distance, producing and maintaining true functional distortions in the body, turning healthy people into patients (see Investigaciones de Ernesto Adler ).

Unfortunately, many of the materials, which have been used in dentistry, have the ability to modify the biological activity when placed in contact with living tissues.

Yet another factor has been the different kinds of metals in the mouth, such as amalgam, gold, chromium, nickel, cobalt, titanium, which have a different electrical potential, resulting in mouth what is called a galvanic electricity and this can lead to a pathological effect or produce at distance a chronic or degenerative disease and no cure speed. So you must perform the dental sanitation, which is to remove all these fields interfering in the mouth, especially in chronic patients.

Neurofocal in dentistry is seeing the patient as a whole, but each body has its characteristics and peculiarities, do not miss the view on the unit. To reach a diagnosis in the mouth there are different tests and measures that help to identify many diseases. This is essential to bring a panoramic radiograph, which conveys an overview of the entire maxillomandibular structure. There are several sites in Costa Rica where you can take that radiograph and we can suggest a few:

  • In San José: RADIOLOGÍA MAXILOFACIAL S.A. Located 50 meters south and 200 meters east of Radio Reloj, Desamparados. Phone 2226-2332.
  • In San Isidro del General: CENTRO RADIOLÓGICO DEL SUR. Located 100 meters south of Coopealianza RL. Phone 2770-2396.

Image descriptionToday, dentistry is a faster race to see in our patients clean mouths, and this is fine, as long as the patient's condition does not deteriorate, as there often are dental treatments that cause severe irritation in the nervous system that can generate - as stated - a remote pathology, and the worst is that the dentist or doctor, does not link the disease with dental treatment which has been performed. Remember that the palate is the site where the brain is built, so these electrical loads act on simple continuity in the central nervous system.

As can be seen, neurofocal dentistry is a different way of viewing man and his illness.

Also we specialize in people who have a phobia or fear of dental treatments; we have treatments to help to reduce anxiety, such as flower therapy, aromatherapy, and herbal medicine.

For a personalized attention we add the treatments with the best dental techniques in the following procedures:

  • Cosmetic dental porcelain (crowns, bridges, inlays, veneers)
  • Photo curing resins
  • Whitening techniques that do not affect the health of the tooth
  • Prophylaxis
  • Total and partial dentures
  • Pediatric Dentistry
  • Surgeries
  • Periodontics
  • Fixed zirconium prostheses

For more specific information about any of these issues you can consult our mail. If you are interested in dental treatment, you may send us the details of your inquiry and we will get back to you.

The experience we have had has been very successful because our proposal comes as an opportunity more in tune with our own nature, and encourages us to continue working and preparing for the benefit of the health of our patients.