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Natural Health: Acupuncture

The goal of acupuncture is to establish the normal balance of the body and thus facilitate the body's ability for self-healing. It is an ancient technique: Archaeological excavations have revealed the existence of mineral needles used in the Stone Age. Then those needles were made of bamboo and various metals such as gold, silver, stainless steel and now disposable material, to avoid contagion. Most of these techniques were developed in China over five thousand years and the basis of acupuncture is that the body's energy is neither created nor destroyed but it is transformed along the body. For ancient China the human being is energy with body and soul, psyche and soma intertwined and indivisible which form a systemic unity. The fascination of China's energy concept is not just a theoretical speculation; China took her to practice and demonstrated their successes through acupuncture and a vision of the universe.

Acupuncture is brought to Europe by French Jesuits sent to China by King Louis XIV. The word acupuncture was created by the Jesuits from two words: acus (needle) and puncture (sting). Since the Revolution of 1949 in China, traditional medicine is beginning to awaken scientific interest; different studies were carried out in order to understand its functions and join its techniques to conventional medicine.

The disease is then for acupuncture, an indicator of energy-related disorders that are reflected in the physical part. In acupuncture the interest is to diagnose and treat alterations of energy. For western medicine the anatomical or chemical damage are the most important. Orthodox conventional medicine, which is exercised in hospitals, directs all its efforts to kill the germ or close the ulcer or remove the tumor. In the case of acupuncture its action aims at recovering the energy order of the patient, once recovered that order, the resulting anatomical or chemical problem disappears.

The energy in the body does not run on a disorderly way, it has its own paths or channels that are called meridians; the meridians in turn are points which take and modulate energy and these points are the acupuncture points. The puncture with the needle is done on these points to load or unload a circuit. It is loaded with golden needles or discharged with silver needles. The fact that modern research in the field of bioenergetics, neurobiology and math has established the principles of acupuncture reaffirms the validity and wisdom of its origins and undertakes to respect the knowledge gained by the ancients.