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Open to visitors since 1995 and accessible by road since 1997, the Durika Biological Reserve (DBR) offers the true naturalist a unique opportunity to get to know this extraordinary area with little known biodiversity in this region of Costa Rica.

Durika is a private reserve that protects approximately 8500 hectares localized in the top of the Talamanca Mountain Range, in the south west part of the country, about 17 kilometers North East of the town of Buenos Aires.

The Durika Biological Reserve is localized in a protected zone of the Biosphere and ends at the North with the Amistad International Park (A.I.P), an area of more than 1,000,000 hectares that include the largest unexplored virgin forest in the whole of Costa Rica. This fascinating area has not been explored in depth due mainly to the difficulties of the terrain, and also because of the lack of places in which to stay for visitors. For this reason the Durika Foundation offers the true naturalist a unique opportunity to get to know and appreciate this part of Costa Rica as very few have had the opportunity to appreciate and enjoy before.


Image description Nature and communitary activities

The Dúrika Biological Reserve offers numerous hiking trails that pass through different forest types. A resident guide with extensive knowledge will accompany you on the walks and will provide extensive information about the ecology of the area.

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Image description Touristic Services

Durika Foundation offers services to plan your visit to Costa Rica, including transportation, food, lodging and guides.

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The Dúrika Community

Sustainability and self-sufficiency

Image description Motivated because of environmental deterioration and the conditions of the area, a group of professional Costa Ricans founded The Durika Association of Agricultural and Cultural Development, over time and due to legal necessities the Association was converted into the current organization, named The Pro Conservation Foundation of the Durika Biological Reserve, known locally as the ‘Durika Foundation’.

The community is not a political group or a religious group. The community is committed to help in the protection of nature and the environment, especially in the area; also to contribute in a positive way to culture, giving emphasis especially to Costa Rican culture, over time new members of other cultures also give their support to the project, in this way, with example, inspire others so that they too can continue in the search for a better way of life on our planet.

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The Biological Reserve

Image description The Reserve protects a large territory whose majority is localized in a humid area that goes from intermediate elevations of low pre mountain humid forest passing through cloud forest (oaks) and ending up at pre paramo in the highest parts of the continental divide.

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Natural Health

Manual Therapies

Terapias manualesMassage is defined as the set of manual or mechanical systemic movements carried out on the soft tissues of the human body using techniques that are intended to reactivate blood circulation, lymphatic, muscle relaxation, pain relief, the recovery of metabolic balance and other physical and mental benefits.

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Bioecological Dental Clinic

Image description Created with the aim of providing the visitors an oral rehabilitation, taking into account the stomatological system (mouth) as a body unit.
Our office is equiped with advanced technology, our dental unit is fully electronic, and our bilingual staff is highly trained to assist with personalized attention, because for us patients are not just patients: they are human beings who must be heard, understood, respected and valued, and not just teeth and mouths.

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