Fundación Reserva Biológica Dúrika

Protecting for the future generations

The Community: Objectives

The achievement of a series of objectives is sought through the community, the most important being the following:

  • Establish a self-sufficient community.

  • Provide an improvement in the standard quality of life of the members.

  • Extend the social, productive and cultural capability between all of the members.

  • Create social and community programs.

  • Instill in the members, the need to share in a healthy, peaceful and well intentioned way with others.

  • Protect the environment and the eco systems that exist in the area.

  • Promote the establishment of environmental education programs.

  • Promote scientific investigation in different areas.

  • Promote the rational management of land through appropriate techniques.

  • Promote the rescue of the legends and traditions of the local indigenous population.

  • Buy land to complete a Biological Corridor between the D.B.R and the A.I.P, for protection and education, especially for the future generations.

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