Fundación Reserva Biológica Dúrika

Protecting for the future generations

The Community: Background

Motivated because of environmental deterioration and the conditions of the area, a group of professional Costa Ricans founded The Durika Association of Agricultural and Cultural Development, over time and due to legal necessities the Association was converted into the current organization, named The Pro Conservation Foundation of the Durika Biological Reserve, known locally as the ‘Durika Foundation’.

The community started originally with 50 members; currently the community has over 100 members of different nationalities. An average of 30 people live permanently in the community. Other members develop diverse activities in favor of the community in different parts of Costa Rica and the world. Professionals in different disciplines form this dynamic group of individuals, those of which decided to create a self sufficient community in a remote area, they opted for the Buenos Aires area for different reasons: the first reason was the existence of the last of Cabécar and Bribrí indigenous population; secondly, that the area offered all of the ideal characteristics to make this project a challenge with the ideal of conservation and protection. When the group was formed in 1989, a rigorous program of training was developed, during this period the members lived together and received training in different areas such as: survival and orientation in the mountain, first aid, nutrition, meditation, yoga, exercise, walking and others, also basic skills were learnt such as sewing, baking, construction and many other activities that are part of life in the mountains.

Men and women transported all of the materials necessary for the construction of the community. For a few years, the community stayed isolated from the exterior world and was only accessible by foot. Recently the community opened a route allowing access to visitors. The community grew step by step until achieving what at the present time is a successful self sufficient, organic community, characterized by people living peacefully together, mutual respect, hard work, love of nature and human beings; characteristics that have been essential in the way of life of each of the members of the community.

The community is not a political group or a religious group. The community is committed to help in the protection of nature and the environment, especially in the area; also to contribute in a positive way to culture, giving emphasis especially to Costa Rican culture, over time new members of other cultures also give their support to the project, in this way, with example, inspire others so that they too can continue in the search for a better way of life on our planet.

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